Our Longest Days

June 24, 2007

June is my favorite month because of the late sunset and the emergence of female mid riffs not to mention our longest days. I can loiter around the tennis court with acquaintances made while looking for hitting partners. It’s refreshing learning about the lives of new people. The paved trails have been groomed for blading, and the driving range fills with hopefuls that the swing will be better this year. People seem to reach out a bit more in the spring. Vacation planning hits full stride with families more engaged as school winds down. The soccer pitch behind my home is abuzz with cheers of triumph.

June is also a time where we look forward to the Stampede here in Calgary (1st week in July). There are many cynics that observe the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” as over commercialized and too expensive. Well. I suppose another source of income would help! The events are very well organized and few details are left amiss. It is a time when the whole city likes to spend and celebrate.