Talk of a Twenty-Five Dollar Checked Bag

I always check a bag and my carry-on bag is so small that it goes under the seat in front of me.  Just couldn’t imagine getting involved in a squabble over overhead bin space while boarding a plane.  My jacket will fall nicely over someone else’s checked bag in the bin.  My travel habits won’t change over twenty-five smackers.  Do I begrudge the airline a profit?  Well, No. I actually like them having a sufficient budget for airplane repairs when needed. .   I recall seeing an episode of “Mayday” whereby a plane went down because the airline was too cash strapped to conduct repairs without cutting corners.    That money comes from money charged to passengers because that’s where their revenue is derived.  It comes from the service they provide you, the passenger.  In capitalist North America, we have the opportunity to vote with our feet.  Don’t fly.  Find a new airline.  Boycott for a period.  Voice  your displeasure in a manner which detrimentally affects their bookings.  Take a bus.  Hitchhike.  Beg for a ride on kijiji.  You get the picture.  Your world won’t crumble over $25.  In fact, reallocate the wasted funds from the duty free shop and you’re back on par. Enjoy the excitement at the carousel upon arrival.  Maybe find a new love by feigning the retrieval of some lovely ladies luggage as it drops from the chute.