Immunization From Negativity

If not careful in this information age, one can become overexposed to the phenomenon of what I like to call “inspiration deadening” and consequently one must continually strengthen one’s immunization from  negativity in order to keep the success path flowing.  The mind requires exercise in order for it to filter out meaningless chatter from useful data.  Unfortunately, most people’s filtering mechanism is weak and subject to anything and everything it encounters.  Instead of whizzing through uninterruptedly, extraneous information gets absorbed, digested and interpreted in a context where it doesn’t belong.  An excessive manifestation of such mind activity contributes to paranoia like behavior.

Dr. Robert Cialdini is his book “Influence” makes reference to the power of a collective pattern of behaviors when ascribing a typical response anticipated from a new cast of characters.  Without citing the numerous examples highlighted by Cialdini, people are unfortunately drawn into behaviors principally because of other’s responses first without exercising their own cognition in interpreting events.  Advertisers love you!  A purchasing decision is apparently directly correlated with star power given the endorsement money paid to celebrities and athletes. You love companies because you follow the stars.  You are influenced highly according to Dr. Cialdini.

The bigger question then goes begging, if you are so significantly influenced, what does this say about your own personal power when it comes to exercising intuition about your strengths unbeknownst to the influencers?

At any instant in time someone is writing something negative on the internet and you are either purposefully ignorant of its message, open to suggestion but off line, reading and filtering, or reading and absorbing.  You’ve perhaps already experienced family forces from an alien domain.

Your potential is huge but it can be eroded through suggestion from people who have no business entering the passageway to your glorious self revelation.  You are developing your own personal protocol for immunization from negativity.