Target Offers One Year Credit Monitoring

They wanted your banking information yet you are a retail shopper.  American big box comes to Canada and thinks by tying your discount to your banking information they think they’ll turn you into a customer life.  Well, it’s all back fired for them and their paternalistic marketing ploy has been handed back to them on a silver platter.  Now they think they can still get you back by granting you one month of free credit monitoring because of their security breech.  What are you to think now?  I suppose if you haven’t closed your account by now you’ll take them up on it because you’ll have no control of ever gaining confidence that your information has been adequately destroyed and not disseminated.  However; if you have closed your account – in order for them to offer the credit monitoring service, won’t they be looking for more confidential data from you so they can fulfill this one year free service.  It’s all preposterous to me. 

Imagine all the retrofits across Canadian malls to accommodate this big box and now they’re potentially faced with consumer back lash.  We wanted big box and best price.  What we got has been poor service, bad management, parking gridlock at malls and shopping cart congestion. We put many aspiring business retail entrepreneurs into the driver’s seat of a taxi cab or the kitchen of a fast food joint and in the process produced a banal shopping environment whereby once it used to provide fuel for diversity and cultural distinctiveness. 



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