Trudeau Not Your Saviour

It’s time to chime in on this mass media notion that our new Prime Minister must “save us”.  It’s becoming a very tiring message.  Granted – his disposition to date has been one of platitudes, generalities, and macro think as opposed to actual policy execution.  However; in a capitalist system, it is the individual who reigns supreme and is the individual responsible for success through a disciplined and planned progression of commercial activity.  Individuals form corporations and corporations are distinguishable from personal assets.  You are empowered in our system and you are empowered through your vote to ensure that a regulatory regime and administrative oversight by your politicians favours your plight.  You best be careful with your vote because you have four years of partnership with this administrative authority in which you establish the best probability for a positive outcome.   Once it’s done, you can then implement whatever democratic measure in which you feel most suited in order to protect your interests.  The least powerful way is to complain at the water cooler, or at your kitchen table, or through facebook posts, or through degenerative self talk, or from resting on your laurels.  How many people do you know in Alberta who spent and spent and spent with absolutely no cognition that economics postulates that commodities can rise and fall.  In fact, the best way to deploy your resources is through strategic planning within the landscape at hand with full understanding of the rules of engagement.