Boorish Pouters At The Open

Do permit me to stand up and condemns the on court antics of the spoiled brat boorish pouters at the Open.  Professional tennis players apparently have either never comprehended or have totally lost sense of the good sportsmanship qualities which foster healthy competition thereby contributing to the good of the game.  Players are not the only ones responsible.  Sports broadcasters and news media outlets as well as chair umpires contribute to the phenomenon of on court pouts by either outright condoning the behaviour as a cathartic necessity or compelled to believe that the highlight reel will be incomplete without the imagery of a racquet being destroyed.  Sponsors show no particular disdain for the character behind their product representatives.  Does an umpire feel intimidated should they actually levy a penalty against the skulking multimillionaire whiner who plays a sport for a living while Joe Family guy who treats his daughter to a special event gets to explain away the proceedings during the car ride home?  It’s frankly shameful.