Your Tax Money At Risk For Bombardier

While your CRA is charging you arrears interest, instalment interest and an egregious personal income tax rate at the same time that you may be managing debt associated with growing your small private business undertaken by earnest capitalist passion, your government is charging zero interest to Bombardier for a $372.5 million dollar loan repayable over 15 years of which no payment is due during the first two years.  This is capitalism in Canada folks.  Lobbying corporate directors of Bombardier with operations in a politically sensitive part of Canada (Quebec) are so proud of their product that they can’t seem to find investment capital outside of their government and hence you as the taxpayer now will bear the risk with an apparent zero rate of return on the prospect a success.  There’s something not right here.  Does our government not believe in capital markets in a capitalist system?  Does it not believe that investment wealth follows good news stories from companies’ aspirant to match their innovative products with financiers?  Does our government think that our first world country lacks pools of available capital?  Or, perhaps, it’s about politics and our government believes you are naive or too self involved to take issue.